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**ROUND 3 -- 2014 LIENZO CUP**

There’s been a lot of talk about READY GOLF the last few weeks but there’s one area that needs attention. From the READY GOLF webpage:

   Ready Golf particularly means that the DRIVERS of carts should DROP OFF

    their partners, let them CHOOSE their clubs (take extra ones if required),

    DRIVE to their own balls, and then get READY to play. DRIVERS should NOT

    wait for their partners to hit the shot and then drive to their own balls

    to make their shots.

Okay team leaders . . . let’s make an extra effort to follow the plan above.

It’s back to business this week at the Muni as we resume the 3rd Round of the 2014 Match Play Championship. You all know the rules. All Lienzo Cup competitors tee from the white tees; everyone else tees from gold or white (no blue tees this week). Here are the pairings and handicaps:


Gillespie (17.3) vs. Simonich (26.7) = Simonich gets 9 strokes

Ford (24.4) vs. Beuerlein (22.8) = Ford gets 2 strokes


James (17.9) vs. Robben (18.0) = no strokes

Cox (18.0) vs. Maher (12.3) = Cox gets 6 strokes


Meyer  --  Rankin  --  Derman


Preston  --  Fort  --  Johnson  --  Hurlbut


Moothart  --  Valenzuela  --  Ritchie

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